Monte Dolack Forest Service Watercolor

The Collection of Monte Dolack

 Missoula, Montana – Davis Brothers Auction is thrilled to announce an upcoming online auction, on May 11th, featuring a captivating collection from the Estate of Monte Dolack. Renowned for his poster illustration, landscape, and wildlife painting, Monte Dolack (Born 1950) is a native of Great Falls, Montana, whose artistic journey has left an indelible mark on the world of fine art.

The upcoming auction by Davis Brothers Auction will offer collectors a rare opportunity to acquire pieces from Monte Dolack’s esteemed collection, including advertising props from his campaign for luxury leather company Ghurka, custom and signed Montana license plates, original sketches for famous posters, personal Roy Rogers lunch box, personal Ruana knife and more.

Growing up amidst Montana’s sweeping vistas and expansive skies, Dolack’s deep-rooted love for his home state and its diverse landscapes and wildlife is evident in the evocative imagery he creates. After studying art at Montana State University and The University of Montana, Dolack embarked on his career in fine art and graphics, opening his first studio in 1974.

Dolack’s early works, including his iconic Invaders Series featuring wild animals wreaking havoc in human homes, catapulted him to national acclaim and attracted collectors from far and wide. His art has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions around the world, including The Montana Exhibition in New Zealand, Artists of the American West in Ireland, and The Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum in Japan.

Recognized for his exceptional talent, Dolack’s work is part of esteemed collections including the Library of Congress, the American Association of Museums, and the National Wildfire Foundation. His keen interest in environmental issues has led to commissions for renowned organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, and Trout Unlimited.

Together with his past-wife, Mary Beth Percival, who passed away in 2016, Dolack operated a thriving gallery in downtown Missoula. Established in 1993, this gallery served as a vibrant hub for showcasing Dolack’s artwork and fostering a global community of art enthusiasts.

Davis Brothers auction is proud to be representing this collection from the estate of Monte Dolack, a true gem in the Missoula art scene legacy.

Monte Dolack Forest Service Watercolor
Lot 809 | Monte Dolack Forest Service Museum Painting
Lot 804 | Monte Dolack Taj Mahal Signed Concert Poster
Lot 812 | Monte Dolack Ghurka Advertising Campaign Props
Lot 813 | Monte Dolack Bayern Brewing Doppleboch Study
Lot 796 | Monte Dolack Personal Autographed License Plate
Lot 811 | Monte Dolack Personal Roy Rogers Lunch Box
Lot 814 | Monte Dolack Dinosaurs Discoveries Poster Study
Lot 495 | RH Rudy Ruana Bonner Montana Monte Dolack Knife
Lot 802 | Monte Dolack Print Missoula Montana
810 - Monte Dolack Western Montana Fair Poster Study