Kenneth Yarus

Kalispell, Montana

“My personal love for nature and adventure inspire my art. I strive to communicate an emotional value about my subjects by exploring the nuances of colors and textures that make them unique. Balancing the realistic representation and the deeper emotional value is a constant struggle that will always motivate my work.”

Kenneth Yarus was raised in Kalispell Montana, not far from Glacier National Park. The landscape inspired him, along with many artists who encouraged his passion. Using the John and Anne Taylor Scholarship he was able to pursue an Academic Education at the Ashland Academy of Art and Grand Central Academy of Art. New York City taught many lessons, and a longing for the wilderness was one. Ken returned to the mountains of Montana to paint plein air and large landscapes, aiming to capture the immensity and value of the mountains.

Work We Represented

Western Artist Kenneth Yarus Glacier National Park Painting

Price Realized: $1,750

Price Realized: $1,250

Price Realized: $225