Cyrus Walker

Bozeman, Montana

Cyrus’ work reflects and manipulates the mass-produced dime novels and comic books that influenced the themes of the west. The Western art genre is a careful balance of mythology and preservation.

Cyrus studied graphic design in school and was fascinated by the power mass-produced print products can have on forming the identity of the west. While studying art, Cyrus was also working at an antique store that exposed him to vintage documents and publications that set him on a path to study the widely distributed work. Cyrus’ work is not created in a classical western style. Instead, he uses classic ideas and commercial style to capture and manipulate the, “Imagined West.”

Cyrus Walker Bozeman Montana

Work We Represented

Painting by Cyrus Walker western Montana artist

Price Realized: $6,250

Cyrus Walker Bozeman Montana Headless Horseman Painting Online Auction

Price Realized: $5,000