Asa Ace Lynn Powell

1912 – 1978

Oil painter Powell’s nickname, Ace, came as a result of the signature he signed every painting off with: an ace of diamonds.

Ace Powell was a true American painter, sculptor, and etcher of genre scenes and imagery relating to Native Americans, cowboys, horses, and wildlife. Powell’s artwork was influenced by Charles M. Russell, a fellow Montanan artist. Powell’s lifetime body of work consists of between 12,000 and 15,000 artworks. Although he preferred working with oil paints, he also produced a large number of watercolor paintings and drawings, as well as a number of works in bronze, terracotta, and wood.

Work We Represented

Painting by Cyrus Walker western Montana artist

Price Realized: $2,000

Indian Woman Bronze

Price Realized: $1,063

Ace Powell painting

Price Realized: $719

Montana Logger Bronze Artwork by Ace Powell

Price Realized: $625